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And ages and that real beauty can be genuinely stunning at a time when competitors relied upon unrealistically thin supermodels to market their products dove decided to showcase the natural beauty of everyday women it’s quite triumphant feeling it’s like telling the world I think top marketing agencies I’m beautiful we were reminded that beautiful isn’t.

A one size fits all standard and that there is an inner splendor within all women whether measured through profits made or it’s positive cultural impact the campaign was a massive success and its results were truly unforgettable I wanted to go through the average store but my mom just whoever gets booed or number seven.

The most interesting man in the world Dos Equis hears only regret is not knowing what regret feels like he is the most interesting man in the world the most interesting man in the world is a series of advertisements featuring a ruggedly handsome older man relating Hoover masculine stories from his youth after Wow ngey with his outlandish feats he reminds us in his signature way what his beer of choice is I don’t always drink beer but.

When I do I prefer Dos Equis stay thirsty my friends the genius of this campaign is its ability to make us laugh while also making us envious of the characters lavish lifestyle if he were to punch you in the face he would have to fight off the strong urge to thank him in a world dominated by anheuser-busch products Dos Equis reminded beer drinkers that there’s an alternative lager out there for those who are looking to class things up every now and.

Then he once had an awkward moment just to see how it feels number six the man your man could smell like also known as smell like a man man Old Spice hello ladies look at your man now back to me now back at your man now back to me speaking of uber masculine this next guy may just take the cake for manliest TV commercial character swan dive into the best night of your life.

So ladies should your man smell like an Old Spice man you tell me in this campaign each commercial took us on a short ride through the Surreal all while being guided by Isaiah Mustafa’s soothing yet powerful voice I hope you like water because we’re neck-deep in the sweet waters of friendship and trust the commercials.