Learn How To Start Ios Printers

ios printers

With that it’s once you’re happy with your label Press print it’s sent through the Wi-Fi network to the printer so now we can see even though it’s doing it through the app still doing your part cut we can peel it off see it.

Looks exactly how it does on the screen the label size font size the font face everything is exactly the same which is a very good you can also choose from templates it has to get the templates downloaded font for the website.

So it can take a little while let’s go a barcode or internet speed isn’t the fastest let’s see what barcodes we want let’s go for a QR code it says gives us information DoubleTap the areas edit right we can do but in a barcode and.

QR codes will take pretty much all characters should fit fine you can print this so now you have a barcode as you can see it’s exactly.

The same as it appears on there and you can scan it you will be able to scan right in or read clearly because it’s very very fine print on these printers you’ve also got label collection which is a selection of labels with graphic labels that are available to use various different ones so we can choose this we want it to be stuck above a light switch for example there we go again the Zack same quality that you see on your screen exact same size label ready to use.

Now if I was to change the teaser tape for my mill black and white to my little black on yellow will notice something ever so slightly different will occur so if we go back go into caution let’s choose the danger one now still thinks it’s mill so let’s refresh media it’s a tected that it’s mill you can see that there and it’s also changed the color to black on yellow.

Which is the color inside the printer so we can now choose this to print there we go so what you see on screen is what you get on your label now going back to the simple labels so for example we wanted to leave that as is we wanted to save it go to your menu click Save now you want to save data so you can go.

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