Simple Guidance For You In Reconstructive Dentistry.

Reconstructive Dentistry Say it doubles it it’s exponential is there a stress component to that time significant stress component I mean that there’s I try not to let it affect me on a daily basis but you know I my father once a week and every time.

I talked to Reconstructive Dentistry him at some point in the conversation he goes I just don’t understand how you sleep at night it was how do you even fall asleep at night I said dad if if I didn’t go to sleep that just be eight more hours for me to be scared show.

reconstructive dentistry

reconstructive dentistry

This and and it’s true because there’s significant stress and I’m not afraid of what I’m doing but the stress involved is because I want it to go right I want it to be perfect I want it to be the way that I’m imagining it and at a certain point this goes beyond defy any financial implications.

It goes beyond treatment outcomes Reconstructive Dentistry this is my legacy and that’s the way I see it this is what I want to be really known for I want to create a legacy and when things aren’t going perfect I get stressed about that when things aren’t going well and get stressed about it.

When we’re having and so an assistant that just doesn’t understand why it’s so important to take a CT perfectly without the patient moving when we’re getting ready to do a big implant case that stuff stresses me out reduction so it’s the stress component is is huge but then there’s obviously there’s there’s a financial commitment that you just have to be willing to make and I would say I was incredibly lucky.

That with all the things I did wrong I didn’t lose my shirt on any of these deals has it been hard to find associates it’s been incredibly difficult doing more than four yes what’s holding you back from getting more talent well I’ve really yet to find or interview anyone that I feel like could do the kinds of things.

That I want them to do and we’re making it work with what I have right now but eventually we will need to be adding adding more doctors to provide some of the services that maybe the current doctors don’t have interest in doing.